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My mother treated me to an early Christmas gift in the form of a LMA book I stumbled across at an antique shop. Unless there is some other dates I'm missing, it looks like the book was published in 1891. It's obviously worn and a bit frayed, but I don't mind. One thing that caught my attention was the name under the copyright, J.S.P. Alcott, which I am assuming is Louisa's nephew, John Sewell Pratt Alcott, Anna's younger son (I completely forgot that Louisa had adopted him). And I do love the dedication to Anna.

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That's gorgeous! What a find!
Thank you, I'm always on the lookout, lol.
Oh, it's lovely! Thank you for sharing all the pics.
Thanks and you're welcome! I only wish I had been able to get the entire collection in that set. One day, lol.
That's terrific! I love your attention to detail of your books, doily and desk!
Thanks! My room is actually very messy at the moment, but one day I plan on having a little area just for my older books so that I can keep them safe and a good eye on them.
I have recently found a copy of this book and haven't been able to find out any information about it. I'm so glad someone else has a copy! It's so beautiful :-)
It seems it's always harder to find information the older the book is. Or, at least that what I have encountered. I'm glad to know that there are other copies out there, and yeays to you having one! It is beautiful, isn't it?