Maria the Lost (mariagoner) wrote in louisamay,
Maria the Lost

Little Women Halloween Fic: Scarlet and Ivory (Jo/Laurie, R)

Title: Scarlet and Ivory
Fandom: Little Women
Characters/Pairings: Jo/Laurie, Laurie/Amy, Cast
Rating: Hard R for very strong implied violence/licentiousness.
Summary: Blood, sin, spite, sex, and sisterly resentment. A tale of horror within the Little Women-verse for Halloween 2009!

Warning: This being a Halloween fic, it's deliberately written to be as disturbing as it can get. Be aware that the better angels of everyone's nature are not currently present. It also contains non-graphic violence and disturbing sexual innuendo. Please don't read if you feel you can't handle seeing this in a classic text!

And sometimes Jo thinks, deep in the night, that Laurie never truly leaves.
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